Filing an Insurance Claim

Filing an Insurance Claim

Getting in an auto accident probably wasn’t the type of adventure you had in mind when you purchased your vehicle, but it’s bound to happen to even the most careful crusaders. Take a deep breath and grab a chilled beverage: the auto insurance you wisely invested in is about to earn it’s keep! 

Contact Your Insurance Company

Your trusty insurance agent will want to know about your accident as soon as possible. In fact, some people even call their insurance company from the site of the crash! When you contact your insurance, you not only learn what information and paperwork they need from you, but you also learn what perks your coverage has to offer in return. The sooner you contact your insurance company, the more you can capitalize on the insurance you pay for.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

Contacting an officer after an accident is required if another vehicle is involved or property is damaged in the collision, but it’s also just smart practice in general. Police officers will be thorough in their documentation and gather all the information you will need to give to your insurance company. They do the hard part of the work for you. Snag a copy of the police report for your own records and to share with your insurance company.

Choose Your Body Shop

Your insurance company may have some suggestions for a repair shop they recommend. Ultimately, you are free to choose which company you trust with your rugged ride. It’s important you choose a company you trust. For most individuals, their vehicle is their second largest asset. That means you should carefully consider the reputation of the auto body shops in your area regardless of price. Your deductible will stay the same no matter which auto body shop you choose or the cost of the estimate. The shop you choose should be an advocate for you: addressing your concerns and questions, working alongside your insurance company to save you time and hassle, and of course, demonstrating excellence through previous repairs. The best body shops will restore your vehicle to its former glory without any indication it was ever damaged to begin with. Even you won’t notice a difference!

Receive an Estimate

In order for vehicle repair estimates to be accurate, your vehicle will need to be inspected at the auto body shop of your choice. Unfortunately, there is not a simple, one-price-fits-all repair menu. Your car, and the damage to it, is completely unique. Each scratch, each dent, and each chip of paint requires a different level of attention. Your vehicle needs to be inspected in person by a trained professional to really understand what type of work needs to be performed. Auto body technicians are especially skilled at recognizing damage even the owner might not notice. Bringing your car in for an estimate will ensure you’re getting the best results. Rocky Mountain YETI Autobody offers free walk-in estimates every weekday between 8 and 5. Getting an estimate can work around your schedule! Just hobble your wounded wheels to our office and we can take it from there! If your ride won't run, give us a call and we can tow it for free!  

Supply Any Needed Information

The more transparent and forthcoming you can be with your insurance company and the auto body shop, the quicker the repairs can be completed. Be sure to provide any paperwork and documentation in a timely manner to avoid delays. Also, remember to keep a record of your expenses that accrue as a result of the collision. This may include medical and hospital expenses or other costs such as lost wages.

You may think you’d rather have frostbite than file an insurance claim, but the process is thankfully not as daunting as it may first seem. However, if even these simple steps still leave you shivering, contact us at Rocky Mountain YETI Autobody and we will happily help you through it. Let’s rebuild your legend!

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